XSENS Flow Solutions provides clamp-on ultrasonic measurement technology based on an innovation that began in the early 2000s at Christian Michelsen Research (now NORCE). In 2013, CMR established XSENS AS with Magne Husebø as CEO and headquarters in Bergen, Norway, to bring this innovation to market. Today, the patented technology is in use on a global scale by large operators for high accuracy flow and fraction measurement of different types of liquids, gases and other media.

The main inventor behind the technology, Mr. Remi Kippersund, worked as a researcher at CMR and isone of the founders of XSENS, currently in the role as VP R&D.

In total, the leadership of the company consists of four highly experienced individuals from various backgrounds: Magne Husebø (CEO), Remi Kippersund (VP R&D), Kenneth Olsvik (VP Business Development) and Kjell-Rune Toftevåg (VP Products). Together, they have created an innovative organization that has revolutionized flow and fraction measurement solutions.

CEO of Xsens - Magne Husebø

Magne Husebø


Extensive technical and commercial management experience in Oil & Gas as well as other Industries. BSc. Automation. Worked for Krohne, ABB, Tracerco and NORCE (previous CMR).

Remi Kippersund


Main inventor of XSENS Technology. MSc. in Acoustics . Broad R&D experience from Tandberg Data and NORCE .

Kjell Rune Toftevåg

VP Products

Extensive experience in management and multiphase technology. MSc. Physics. Worked for Flowsys (MPFM design), Statoil/Hydro (Subsea/downhole), Aker Subsea (Subsea / downhole), AGR as VP Product Development and Enhanced Drilling as Project Director.

Kenneth Olsvik

VP Business Development

Experience in Management and Business Development as well as Multiphase technology. MSc. in Petroleum Technology. Background: Fluenta, Roxar / Emerson (Deputy Managing Director), Siemens Subsea Products (CEO), Sorbwater (CEO) and Metas (CEO).

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XSENS Technology

XSENS Flow Solutions has together with Christian Michelsen Research AS (NORCE) developed and patented a disruptive ultrasonic flow meter technology providing helical signal transmission, enabling off-center measurement and the ability of almost tomographic pattern measurement. This provides accuracy similar to in-line multipath ultrasonic flow meters. The ground-braking clamp-on flow meter simplifies installation, commissioning and maintenance compared to existing flow meters, at comparable performance. Installed cost is significantly lower and potential leakage points are eliminated.

Our clamp-on Flow Meter accurately measures flow rate and fluid fraction of liquids (typical water cut), as well as flow rate of gas and wet gas from outside of the pipe, both topside and subsea. The Meter is simply clamped to the outer surface of the pipe and does not require any holes in the pipe nor flanges. No stop in production is required to install this Meter. These benefits of a clamp-on technology compared with traditional In-line meters will save the industry cost, leakages and downtime.

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XSENS Value Add for our Clients

We aim to provide value for our clients by

  • Replacing existing inline flow meters which are characterized by high product/ installation cost and potential leakage points.
  • Offering increased accuracy compared to other clamp-on flow meter designs by measuring the full flow velocity profile, not only the center velocity.
  • Measuring water content in the liquid (Water cut) from 0-100% water cut through the clamp on meter technology.
  • Reduce carbon emissions and extending well lifetimes by enabling digitalization of brownfields through easy retrofit clamp on installations.

XSENS Industries

The XSENS flow meter aims at accurate topside and subsea measurement of oil and water, gas and wet gas as well as measurement of water or oil-based mud in drilling operations. Beyond that, there is a significant potential market for applications in process, shipping, mining, and water supply industries.

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XSENS Business Case for our Clients

Cost wise the clamp-on meter has a much lower installed cost compared to existing In-line Meters. The meter itself will be less costly, and engineering, design and commissioning is only a small percentage of installing a traditional flow meter. During operation, the clamp-on meter will have insignificant cost related to maintenance / calibration and there is no stop in production for such activities. Installed cost would be 50% compared to an inline meter.

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