We can provide leasing on full sized flow and water cut meters. Operators and suppliers can have projects where they need measurement for flow and/or water cut for temporary and permanent installations, for short or long term periods.

Would you like to verify inline flow or water cut meters performance? Or, get insight into flow conditions on specific areas over a prolonged time? Maybe even test out  XSENS Flow Solutions technology in challenging conditions?

Such projects would typically fall under the operator’s OPEX budget. The XSENS clamp-on flow and water cut meters are well suited for such temporary and quick installations. We simply clamp the meters on the outside of the pipe. That means that there is no production stop needed for installation. We also keep the pipeline integrity intact.

We can offer leasing on meters or Pay-For-Data from 1,5” to 36” and even larger on request. Lease periods can be monthly, quarterly or yearly. Our engineers will do the installation and commissioning to ensure proper functioning of the meters. Clients will have an option for leasing renewal, meter purchase or return of the meter at the end of the leasing period.

During the lease period, Xsens offers remote support from Headquarters and local support through our global agent network.

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  • Enable accurate temporary flow and fraction measurement on sites which have challenging flow conditions to build up knowledge for permanent improvements.
  • Test Xsens technology for prolonged periods of time
  • Verify performance of inline flow and fraction meters which might have fallen outside it’s operation window.
  • Suppliers can test performance of their flow applications with temporary clamp-on flow and watercut meters before it is final installed at Operator’s site
  • Predictable leasing costs with option to renew, purchase or return at end of lease


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