Shuttle tankers are ships which transport oil from off-shore fields. They can be loaded with oil through very advanced offshore loading systems to FPSO’s and offshore platforms. Some examples are Tandem Loading, Single Anchor Loading or Submerged Turret Loading systems.

During such off and onloading operations, leakages can occur. It is important to identify such leakages immediately due to environmental concerns. Identification with alarms can be achieved by having flow meters at the entry point of the shuttle tanker.

XSENS offers clamp-on flow meters for on- and offloading of shuttle tankers. They can be installed on buoys where there is minimal space available to install for example 12” and 30” flow meters.

By using XSENS meters, the buoys can be more compact when compared to using traditional inline meters as we only need 2 times the pipe diameter as a straight length on the pipes to measure accurately. Inline meters in comparison need 10 to 20 times the diameter of a pipe as straight length, making them unfeasible for compact installations.

XSENS meters provide a high turndown ratio of 1:400, which means we can measure at velocities ranging from 0,1 to 40 m/s with the same meter. And due to our high accuracy of +/-1% over the full velocity profile, the clients and operators are confident in the readings of the XSENS technology.

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  • XSENS flow meters are highly suitable for compact and tight installations on loading buoys.
  • High turndown ratio of 1:400 means we measure flowrates from 0,1 to 40 m/s with the same meter.
  • High accuracy over the full velocity profile provides confidence between clients and operators.
  • XSENS meters are available in large sizes up to 36” as standard and larger on request.
  • Measures oil flow rate even with high percentage of free gas present.


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