Hydraulic Fracturing, or Fracking in short, is a well stimulation technique. It involves the fracturing of bedrock formations with a fluid at high pressure to open the rock. This allows trapped gas or crude oils to flow to the surface through a pipe.

Fracking fluid typically contains mostly water with sand and chemical additives. To measure the flow rate of this fluid, you need accurate and robust flow meters which are not affected by the erosive nature of the sand in the fluid mixture.

XSENS offers a clamp on ultrasonic flow rate meter which is installed on the outside of a pipe. Therefore, our meters are not in contact with the fluid and will not be affected by erosion, corrosion or chemicals. We can measure the flow rate of the fracking fluid into the well. We can also measure the water supply and the chemical solution flows before it is mixed into the fracking fluid.

This allows operators to pump the optimal amount of fracking fluid to each individual well.

The clamp on design is excellent for leasing when periodical measurements are required.

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  • The XSENS meter is not in contact with the fluids or sands, which means there is no risk for erosion or wear on the meters.
  • Our patented ultrasonic multipath flow technology offers high accuracy, even with sand present in the fluid.
  • Easy installation allows for periodical measurements through leasing


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