Xsens Flow Solutions has products and technologies for various types of flow and fraction meters. Our meters are clamped to the outside of a pipe and are using acoustic technology for measurement. We focus on high accuracy, ease of installation, low maintenance and reduced cost for our clients. The Xsens Flow Solutions product lines are:

The XACT product line stands for Xsens Advanced Combined Technology. Products in this range combine advanced technologies to achieve several measurements from one meter. The XACT Liquid Rate & Fraction meter for example measures flow rate of oil and water combined with watercut measurement, offering a 2-in-1 solution. Xsens is continuously developing technologies that will be part of the XACT product line going forward.

Our XRATE product line stands for Xsens RATE measurement. We measure the flow rate of oil, water, gas, mud and any other medium with high accuracy. An XRATE Liquid meter measures flowrate of liquids, an XRATE Gas meter measures flowrate of gas, etc. Over time we will add more measurable media in this product line based on market feasibility.


Liquid Flow Rate & Water Cut

Measure 0-100% water cut and flow rate from our 2-in-1 clamp-on meters.


Water Cut

Measure 0-100% water cut with clamp-on design and high accuracy +/- 1%  absolute over the whole range.



High accuracy liquid flow measurement from outside the pipe with our clamp on technology.


Liquid On/Off-loading

Measure liquid flow rates on buoy’s and shuttle tankers even with free gas present.


Gas & Wet Gas

Accurate, reliable and cost effective clamp on flow measurement for dry or wet gas.



Measure water and oil based drilling mud flowing in and out of the well bore with XSENS clamp on technology.

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