Install XSENS patented clamp on multipath ultrasonic technology on the outlets of separators for 0-100% water cut measurement of water in oil, liquid flow rate (oil, water), gas or wet gas flow rate or dual phase oil and water net flow rates.

XSENS meters measure flow and fraction with high accuracy from outside the pipeline. Easy installation, high accuracy and no risk for leakage or corrosion/erosion.

Measure flow of fracking fluids with XSENS clamp on flow meters. No risk for erosion and corrosion, no leakage.

High accuracy water injection flow measurement plus optional salinity measurement from one XSENS clamp on flow meter.

XSENS flow meters measure with high accuracy the flowrates of muds going in and out of the boreholes.

Measure the flow of oil on loading buoys and shuttle tankers with our clamp on flow meters. Tolerates free gas within the oil.

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