XSENS can measure flow rates and water cut with high accuracy with our clamp-on technology on test and production separators in oil and gas fields.

The role of separators is to divide the oil phase from the gas and water phases to produce sellable oil or gas. There are two- or three-phase separators, on- or offshore, horizontal or vertical, low or high pressure. A test separator is used for periodic well testing and a production separator for continuous production measurement.

It is important for Operators to measure the flow rates of the oil, gas and water output:

  • Monitor the performance of the wells and how much oil, gas and water is being produced
  • Monitor and improve the performance of the separator itself
  • Improve the extraction operation to increase production of hydrocarbons
  • Dispose of the unwanted water as fast as possible
  • Ensure produced oil or gas can be delivered to clients with a minimum of water content.
  • Optimize production from each individual well by measuring watercut

When wells are aging, more water will be produced over time. Therefore, it is important to measure the water cut % of water in oil in addition to the flowrates. The XSENS technology measures both flowrate and water cut from the same meter, offering a 2-in-1 solution compared to traditional inline meters which only measure one property. The XSENS meters come standard with an integrated flow computer to provide you with net flow rates. It is possible to have displays attached if local readings are required.

XSENS patented clamp on multipath ultrasonic technology is perfectly suitable to be installed on the outlets of separators to measure with high accuracy:

  • Liquid flow rate (oil, water)
  • Gas or wetgas flow rate
  • Dual phase oil and water net flow rates
  • 0-100% Water cut measurement of water in oil

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  • 2-in-1 design: measure flowrate and 0-100% watercut from one meter
  • Measure oil, gas and water output with 1-2% high accuracy
  • Clamp on installation means no production stop and no risk for erosion, corrosion, waxing, scaling.
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick installation (2-3 hrs)


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