We have set up a Joint Innovation Project with Shell, Total, Baker Hughes and Equinor for development of a flow meter which measures water and oil based drilling mud flowing in and out of the well bore. The meter tolerates cuttings, gas, oil or chemicals in the mud.

The XRATE MUD meter from Xsens provides accurate, reliable and cost effective mud flow measurement. We have qualified our meter for inflow measurement and are currently working on the qualification for outflow measurement.

The meter will be clamped to the outside of a pipe and measures drilling mud with ultrasonic signals straight through the pipe wall. It measures the time of flight of acoustic signals through the liquid over the full bore of the pipe. The full velocity profile is measured to achieve high accuracy of flow.

The clamp-on design allows for easy installation (2-3hrs) and it can be installed close to bends and valves if needed. Since the meter is not in contact with the mud, it is not affected by erosion, corrosion, clogging or leakages. This makes the meter very reliable and robust, with minimal maintenance required.

This meter is used to measure mud flow rates in tough drilling mud operations. It has a lightweight design and is typically available from 4inch to 16inch as standard and bigger on request. It comes with an integrated flow computer to provide the required outputs through analogue 4-20ma or digital Modbus signals.

For remote installations we can offer WiFi, cellular and satellite signals while adding solar panels for power. The meter can be accessed remotely through internet connection to be monitored and updated if needed.
Local displays for local reading of measurements can be added on request.

The meter is Ex Zone 1 and 2 certified for hazardous areas and can also be supplied without such certification to reduce cost.

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  • Measure water and oil based drilling mud flowrates
  • Measure easily from outside of a pipe with ultrasonics
  • No modification to existing pipelines needed
  • High accuracy
  • Can tolerate cuttings, gas, chemicals, oil and water in the drilling mud
  • No erosion on the meter due to clamp on design
  • Clamp on design means easy installation in 2-3 hrs
  • Wide range of pipe line sizes from 4 inch to 16 inch or larger on request
  • No pressure drop


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