Onshore oil and gas production has been changing over time when new exploration and extraction techniques became available. Lifetimes of old fields are being extended, while new fields are being drilled in previous unreachable deposits. The technology to support these highly flexible and scalable operations while being under close environmental scrutiny poses challenges and opportunities alike.

XSENS offers a highly flexible and scalable clamp-on mechanical assembly for it’s ultrasonic flow rate and water cut meters. This makes the meters ideal for installation:

Retrofit on brownfields
While reservoirs in their early days might only see a few percentage of water cut, over the course of their depletion the water cut increases up to 98% in some cases. Previously installed inline meters are not optimized for this kind of change in production or for reduced flowrates.
XSENS sensors can easily be installed on the outside of pipes to provide renewed measurement on-the-go without having to stop the production. The meters will measure correct flow rates even with very low flow rates and measure 0-100% water cut.

Close to valves, bends or other restrictions
Due to the capability of measuring the full velocity profile, XSENS meters can be installed close to valves, bends or other restrictions without significant increase in uncertainty. There is no need for flow straighteners or static mixers as our technology can measure accurately with all kinds of flow regimes.

Large diameter pipelines
Due to it’s light weight design, the XSENS flow and water cut meters offer a significant cost benefit compared to inline meters. For example, a 10 inch XSENS meter only weighs around 10% of a traditional 10 inch inline meter. This means that direct savings are achieved on the product materials, handling and installation while achieving reduced carbon footprint as well.

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  • High accuracy flow and water cut measurement
  • Easy retrofit on brownfields due to clamp on design
  • Can be installed close to valves, bends or other restrictions
  • Significant cost savings especially in large diameter pipelines
  • Achieve renewed measurements of flow and water cut in brownfields without production stop


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