We are excited to release this Whitepaper presenting results  of a challenging flow rate and water cut test. It was performed in November 2022 at the NORCE Multiphase Flow Loop in Bergen, Norway.

A well known and large international oil company requested to test our 0-100% water cut meter with clamp-on design at accuracy +/-1% absolute over the whole range in order to qualify it. The feedback we received from client was that this is ground breaking technology. It performed better than expected and they approve the findings in the report.

As can be read in the paper, we tested with very short upstream straight lengths. From 10, 5 and 2.5 times the diameter of the pipe and straight after a bend. Other water cut meters would typically need 10 to 20 times the diameter of the pipe.

This shows that the XSENS XACT Water Cut Meter with clamp-on design is as accurate as traditional inline meters. But, much less space is needed and it can measure from outside of the pipe. This means that installation is very easy and that there is no need for a production stop during installation or even maintenance.

Read, download and share the Whitepaper with your peers as this is truly a disruptive technology which all Instrument Engineers should know about.

Or, follow this link to read more and download a brochure and datasheet about our water cut product: XACT Water Cut.

Whitepaper XSENS water cut test