Date: October 23-26, 2023

Location: Pangkalpinang, Indonesia

We are excited to announce that XSENS Flow Solutions, a Norwegian innovator in flow measurement technology, will be participating together with local trusted agent PT Geoservices in the Joint Convention in the picturesque setting of Pangkalpinang, Indonesia. This prestigious event is scheduled to take place from October 23 to 26, 2023. It is set to be an invaluable platform for professionals in the industry.

Discover Our Cutting-Edge Technology:

XSENS Flow Solutions will be showcasing a demonstration model of our non-intrusive clamp-on flow rate and water cut meter at the shared booth. Our technology offers not only axial transducers but also patented helical transducer measurement. Experience firsthand how our disruptive technology enables measurement from outside the pipe, making it a game-changer for operators in Indonesia.

Meet Our Expert:

We are delighted to announce that Kenneth Olsvik, Vice President of Business Development at XSENS, will be joining the exhibition. Kenneth brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to the event. He is eager to engage with attendees, offering insights into the latest advancements in flow and water cut measurement technology.

Highlighted Solutions:

Our presence together with PT Geoservices at the Joint Convention is an opportunity for attendees to explore various applications of our technology, including:

  1. Water Cut Measurement: Discover how our advanced non-intrusive technology can accurately measure water cut, a critical parameter in many industrial processes.
  2. Liquid Flow Rate Measurement: Explore our solutions for precise liquid flow rate measurement, designed to meet the unique needs of operators in Indonesia.
  3. 2-in-1 Water Cut & Liquid Flow Rate Meter: See for yourself how XSENS offers the only 2-in-1 non-intrusive meter to measure both Water Cut and Liquid Flow Rate at the same time!

Our team, together with our trusted local agent PT Geoservices, is committed to helping you leverage the full potential of our technology to enhance your operations.

Why Clamp-On Technology?

In Indonesia, the demand for clamp-on technology is on the rise. Therefore, we are here to address your specific needs. Our innovative approach allows for non-invasive measurement, minimizing downtime and ensuring accurate results.

Join Us!

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit our booth at the Joint Convention in Pangkalpinang. Witness the future of flow measurement technology, engage with Kenneth Olsvik and learn how XSENS Flow Solutions can transform your operational efficiency.

See you at the Joint Convention in Pangkalpinang, Indonesia!

XSENS and PT Geoservices exhibit at Joint Convention Pangkalpinang Indonesia 2023