Kjell Rune Toftevåg, VP Products – Xsens AS presented the paper “Disruptive clamp-on technology tested for mud measurement” at the SPE One day Seminar 14th of May in Bergen, Norway.

The paper, written by Xsens AS, in cooperation with Equinor ASA and USN (University of South-East Norway) include background information and test results from XSENS clamp-on flow meter trials on drilling mud, performed at Equinor mud flow loop in Porsgrunn, Norway.

During Drilling operations, it is of vital importance to have accurate and reliable volume control, with as fast as possible detection of flow abnormalities. Existing inline traditional meters experience challenges due to clogging of measurement ports, mechanical erosion or damages on gaskets. Such being caused by the nature of mud consisting of a mixture of heavy materials and cuttings from the formation. Most of them are also not able to give quantified measurements, relying on human interpretation of trends in the data.

Using clamp-on flow meters for mud measurement is, if reliable and accurate, an advantageous solution with respect to investment cost, as well as process risk and maintenance. However, due to its nature, drilling mud is a difficult medium to measure and several other technologies have come short trying to do so, including previously available in-line and clamp-on ultrasonic technology.  The paper concludes on successful measurement results for the XSENS clamp-on flow meter, including required accuracy, at the range of flow rates required.

Link to SPE Paper “Disruptive clamp-on technology tested for mud measurement”: https://onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-195624-MS