XSENS AS invited clients, suppliers, partners from academia and owners on September 8th to the opening of its new facilities for testing, production and offices at Godvik, in Bergen, Norway.

The official opening was carried out by Elisabeth Maråk Støle, CEO of NORCE, XSENS AS’ largest shareholder. CEO of XSENS AS, Magne Husebø, took the guests through XSENS’ history, dating back to 2007, when researchers at Christian Michelsen Research (now NORCE) carried out research and testing of guided wave ultrasonic technology. This new technology could be clamped to the outside of a pipe, for very accurate measurement of flow and fluid properties.

Congratulatory notes from XSENS’ clients were presented and the event was successfully rounded up with great food and drinks. “These new facilities, including flow loops for both liquid and gas, take XSENS Flow Solutions one step further towards the position as an international supplier of instrumentation for the future,” says Magne Husebø, CEO of XSENS AS.