XSENS Flow Solutions has received it’s first Order for on-offloading shuttle tankers.

XSENS Flow Solutions has won it’s first Order for a 20 inch XRATE™ clamp-on flow meter for a new build Shuttle tanker.

“We are grateful for the trust in our technology and company experience this particular ship builder and ship owner have given us in awarding XSENS with this Order. Measuring such loading operation accurately is not straight forward with changing flow rates and presence of gas,” says Magne Husebø, CEO at XSENS AS.

Our clamp-on flow meter design provides operators with an easy-to-install, lightweight and low-cost design. It uses ultrasonic technology but in a novel way to provide you with full profile velocity measurement, similar to inline ultrasonic meters, without breaking the integrity of the pipe.

Shuttle Tankers: Solving crude oil flow measurement with high GVF.