XSENS AS found the solution

Xsens is picked out to present their technology at ONS 2018. A clamp-on solution that gives quality results on the measurements and lowers risk and saves money for the clients.

11.05.2018 by Gunn Janne Myrseth, CMR

As one of the lucky 120, XSENS AS is happy. In front of the most important people in their market, they will be presenting their solution. A solution that saves money and helps us lower risks in any kind of production.

XSENS has together with Christian Michelsen Research AS (CMR) developed and patented a disruptive ultrasonic flow meter technology consisting of a combination of sound measurement through the pipe walls, broad beam transit time of flight measurement and helical signal transmission, enabling off-center measurement, in addition to center measurement. In total, this provide clamp-on flow meter performance in the accuracy range of in-line multipath ultrasonic meters. The technology developed started 16 years ago by world-leading acoustics and flow measurement researchers and since 2013 through CMR spin-off company XSENS AS, established for commercialization of the technology. The new Xsens groundbreaking clamp-on flow meter simplify installation, commissioning and maintenance such a Meter would have up against traditional flow meters at comparable performance. Installed cost will be much lower and potential leakage point or other HSE risks are eliminated.


XSENS AS was established in 2013 as an independent affiliate company of Christian Michelsen Research AS (CMR) in Bergen, Norway. Non-invasive ultrasonic technology developed and patented by CMR, was transferred to XSENS AS for commercialization.

At the end of 2016, Norwegian investment funds Investinor and Proventure, raised capital for a 2017-2019 industrialization phase. Including Norwegian Research Council funding approvals, a 2017-2019 expenditure of 4 million EURO is planned for bringing disruptive clamp-on flow meter technology to market.

The aim is to provide upstream Oil & Gas industry with new functionality, cost reduction and improved reliability for flow rate and fraction measurement topside and subsea. The cost-saving non-invasive clamp-on design, makes the Xsens flow measurement competitive for a wide range of applications within the oil and gas industry and beyond.

XSENS AS participated at ONS in 2016 as well, but this year their profile is higher. The technology is now going to be tested in real life as three oil companies will take it into their fields. This technology is not only useful in the oil and gas sector but can be used anywhere as on ships and for measurements for the watersuppliers.

Xsens is also competing in the ONS Innovation Award. The candidates are announced early June. Finalists are announced in August an the awards will be presented to the winners at the ONS Conference on Tuesday 28 August.


XSENS Clamp-on Flow Meter accurately measures flow rate and fluid fraction from outside of the pipe. The disruptive XSENS ultrasound technology adds the required accuracy and fluid quality measurement capabilities to clamp-on flow measurement demanded by the O&G industry for decades. This technology will enable massive cost reductions in the O&G industry as well as hugh safety benefits of clamp-on technology.

The industry has always wanted clamp-on flow measurement technology, but clamp-on flow meter performance has until now not matched traditional in-line technology. XSENS cutting edge technology is about to change the perception.