XSENS Flow Solutions Expands Market Share with Advanced Technology

XSENS Flow Solutions is thrilled to announce its recent success in securing four new orders for XRATE Liquid on-loading flow meters designed for shuttle tankers. These orders, varying in size from 20 to 30 inches, have been placed by multiple clients who have recognized the exceptional capabilities of XSENS’ technology in handling complex challenges commonly encountered in shuttle tanker operations.

The decisions to award these contracts to XSENS are based on the meters’ ability to effectively manage various operational difficulties. These challenges include the presence of free gas within the flow, fluctuating flow rates (both low and high), and other demanding conditions that are typical in shuttle tanker operations.

XSENS Flow Solutions CEO, Magne Husebø, expressed his satisfaction with the company’s rapid success in capturing a significant portion of the market, saying “I am pleased to see that XSENS has been able to take a significant portion of this market in quite a short time due to our unique technology.”

The flow meters are scheduled to be delivered in the years 2023 and 2024. This marks another important milestone for XSENS Flow Solutions as it continues to expand its presence in the industry. These orders underscore the company’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that address the specific needs of shuttle tanker operators.

The advanced technology offered by XSENS Flow Solutions not only enhances the efficiency and safety of shuttle tanker operations. It also contributes to the sustainable and responsible loading of valuable resources. As the company continues to prove its capabilities through successful implementations, it is well-positioned for further growth and leadership in the market.

XSENS received four new orders for measuring on-loading liquid flow rates on shuttle tankers.