XSENS Flow Solutions has announced a significant order for its clamp-on XRATE Flow Meters. The order has been placed for a new build platform in the North Sea, signifying a continuous development in the company’s involvement in North Sea offshore platforms.

The order comprises two key components, specifically 1 x 28″ and 1 x 2″ clamp-on XRATE Flow Meters, which will be deployed to measure flow rates on the upcoming platform. These state-of-the-art non-intrusive flow meters are designed to ensure the safe and efficient transfer of crude oil and other products, showcasing XSENS Flow Solutions’ commitment to providing cutting-edge technology for the oil and gas industry.

This order holds particular significance as it marks the sixth collaboration between XSENS Flow Solutions and the end client, a major oil company operating in the North Sea. The continued partnership underscores the trust placed in XSENS Flow Solutions to deliver reliable and high-performance clamp-on flow measurement solutions.

By delivering these advanced clamp-on flow meters, XSENS Flow Solutions aims to contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of the crude oil transfer processes on the new platform. The deployment of the 28″ and 2″ XRATE Flow Meters will enable accurate measurement of flow rates, allowing for precise monitoring and control of the transported oil.

XSENS Flow Solutions remains dedicated to being a trusted partner for its clients, offering innovative solutions that align with industry standards and requirements. This recent order reaffirms the company’s position as a key player in providing essential equipment for the development and operation of oil and gas facilities, especially in challenging environments like the North Sea.

XSENS Flow Solutions Secures Order for XRATE Flow Meters for New North Sea Oil Field Platform.