XSENS Flow Solutions, a leading provider of flow meters and measurement solutions, announces a significant contract from a major client. We have recently secured a repeat order for our innovative flow meters for one of the largest oil producers in the Middle East.

This latest contract underscores XSENS Flow Solutions’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge flow measurement technology to the global oil and gas industry. The flow meters provided through this ongoing agreement will be utilized for monitoring pipelines ranging from 12 inches to 30 inches in diameter.

This repeat order of XSENS flow meters is a testament to the reliability, precision, and durability of these products. These flow meters play a pivotal role in optimizing the flow of oil, ensuring efficient operations, and maintaining the highest safety standards within the industry.

Commenting on this significant achievement, the CEO Magne Husebø of XSENS Flow Solutions stated, “We are extremely proud to have earned the trust and ongoing partnership of one of the Middle East’s key players in the oil sector. This repeat order underscores our commitment to providing high-quality flow solutions that meet the unique needs of the oil and gas industry.”

New repeat order for XSENS clamp-on flow meters in the Middle East. 12 to 30 inch pipelines. November 2023.